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Has been working in the field of aesthetic medicine since 2006. she has a master's degree in aesthetic medicine from the university of cordoba. she is a member of seme (spanish society of aesthetic medicine). currently has continuous training of the latest techniques and products on the market with the different laboratories with which we work in clinic dlp its purpose is to improve the welfare and aesthetic appearance, with the aim of restoration, maintenance and promotion of aesthetics, beauty and health.

DLP Clinic coordinator

Has been working in the administrative and financial sector since 1996. currently she has yearly continuous training provided by the company to continue advancing in the sector and to offer the best service to our patients. her great specialty is the incredible treatment with the public. for her there are no barriers, since she will solve any type of doubt or appointment with the agendas of our doctors, so that everyone is always satisfied. in the commercial field she is the most prepared and will always have the best beauty tips, so that you always feel safe and in good hands.

Aesthetician at DLP clinic

Has been working in the aesthetic sector since 2000. currently she receives annual continuous training by the different cosmetic aesthetic laboratories we work with in the clinic. the aesthetic field is led by her, since her great professional trajectory is acclaimed by all our patients. she is very familiar with the facial and body area, both with and without machines.


Has been working in the clinical and hospital sector since 2012. she is currently undergoing annual training courses together with dr. pastushenko and the different aesthetic medicine laboratories we work with at dlp clinic. she is in charge of all the necessary support and complementation of the doctors. continuous patient support and attention to detail, from pre-treatment to post-treatment of each patient is her goal. respect and passion for her work is something that motivates her daily.