Body Aesthetics

The latest treatments in body aesthetics to show off your best figure.

Body Radiofrequency

Body radiofrequency is a treatment that combats flaccidity and wrinkles on the body. Through the laser we stimulate the collagen that is under the skin so that it looks smoother in a very natural way.


It is a revolutionary laser without suction or anesthesia, which reduces and eliminates localized fat.

Wrapping Treatments

Body wraps are an aesthetic and medicinal treatment. It is carried out by applying specific ingredients on our body, which is then covered. Body wraps help release toxins, help fight acne.

Anti-cellulite treatments

The anti-cellulite and body shaping treatment is the best non-surgical option to improve appearance, reducing orange peel skin and cellulite, shaping our figure and firming our skin. It is a specific program that combines body equipment with manual techniques.

Medical laser hair removal

The medical laser uses high energy influxes that disable the cells in which the hair originates. Thus, we can achieve permanent and definitive hair removal.